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Sw4me: Sw4meProgrammersGroup ...

Who we are

Sw4me programmers Group is a Russian partnership of free-lance programmers, providing customized solutions to the clients. We mostly work for Russian companies, and in this process a number of re-usable solutions was created. So we decided to make these solutions available to anyone for download.

How to contact us

mailto:support@sw4me.com if you have problems with our products. We don't require anyone to register to get support. For example, there is a lot of customers who had some issues with SMS Reception Center, and the problems were always resolved before registration.

mailto:wishes@sw4me.com if you want to have some feature in the future version of a program.

Phone: +7(916) 345–34–02
Snail mail:

Mayakovskogo ul., d.15 k. 2 kw. 20
141206 Pushkino, MO
Anton Kovalenko

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