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Software for Mobile Equipment

SMS Reception Center

  • Programmable autoprocessor for incoming SMS messages. It may take various action when SMS arrives: send e-mail, run a program, update ODBC-compatible database etc.
  • Built-in SMTP server allows SmsRc to act as email-to-SMS gateway: any email message to 555@somedomain.com is forwarded as SMS to 555.
  • NEW: Built-in SOAP-enabled web server facilitates using SmsRc as a component of a larger project. Sample C# project included.

Read more ; Download ; Release Notes ; F.A.Q ; Gettings Started ; User's Guide ; Supported Devices ; Screenshots
Get Full Version [79 USD incl. VAT]
  • Within a few minutes after placing your order, you will receive your registration code and instructions from support@sw4me.com.
  • Message volume limits will be removed immediately after you enter the registration code.


  • Send, receive, archive SMS messages from your mobile phone
  • Avoid spam: auto-clean your phone from unwanted messages
  • Windows and Linux (x86) are supported, the message database may be shared.

Free Software Section


  • Make an NT service from any application you want
  • Implement an NT service in any scripting language easily, especially in TCL
  • Manage all NT services remotely: install them, configure them, start or pause them
  • Winserv is free and open source software, but if you find it useful, you can support its further development by registering it.
Download ; Release Notes ; Reference ; TCL ; Licensing ; Donate with PayPal


SnODBC is a binding for ODBC API for the TCL scripting language. It is available as a starkit containing the developer's documentation along with the extension itself.
Download ; Donate with PayPal

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