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Sw4me: SMSReceptionCenter/Nokia ...

Runnings /SMSReceptionCenter with a NOKIA's phone is not that simple, though possible. If you are able to choose any hardware type for your SMS service, consider some other manufacturer's phone, especially if you don't have enough time.

There three two alternative ways of connecting the service with a phone.

  1. “Soft modem” configurations. Phone manufacturer provides a driver, the driver deals with the phone and provides a virtual COM: port for applications. SmsRc uses the port to send and receive messages. DAU-9P, DKU5 and CA-42 data cables requires this configuration. The most important things to know about this configuration are listed below.
    • The appropriate modem driver for your phone and OS may be downloaded from http://www.nokia.com. Go there and select your phone's model name, and they will provide you with download links.
    • NOKIA's modem drivers are included in the NOKIA Data Suite (and PC Suite) software packages. The drivers are also downloadable separately, at least for NOKIA 6610.
    • If you happen to have a data cable for serial port, be aware that the physical port where the phone is and the virtual port provided by the driver are different. SmsRc must be configured to use the virtual port. Look at Control Panel -> Phone and modem to find out the port number.
    • If you decide to download and install NOKIA Data Suite / PC Suite, be aware that the applications included in it may keep the port open for themselves. SmsRc won't work in this case, logging permanent permission denied errors. Try to identify the program locking the port and terminate it (places to look at: system tray, list of processes in the Windows Task Manager).
  2. IrDA direct connection. If you have infrared port on your computer and your phone is IrDA-enabled, built-in Windows driver may be sufficient. No software from NOKIA is installed in this case: virtual serial port is provided by the system.
    • If SmsRc doesn't work in this configuration, try to download NOKIA software for your phone and go on with soft modem configuration (see above).
  3. “Hard modem” configuration. It is possible with DLR-3P serial data cable only. NOKIA 6210 is known to work this way. The physical port is used directly by SmsRc in this setup.
    • If you don't have DLR-3P data cable, this configuration is impossible.
    • If you do have DLR-3P data cable, this configuration may work for you or not. If the latter is true, try to download NOKIA software for your phone and go on with soft modem configuration.

Example configurations known to work:

We are interested to know about other working configurations. Don't hesitate to e-mail mailto:support@sw4me.com and tell about your configuration. If it doesn't work, it's possible that we'll recommend something useful to do.

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