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Sw4me: SMSReceptionCenter/BeforePurchase ...

Dear User,
You are ready to purchase SMS Reception Center.
Current price is 80 U.S. Dollars
Purchase using SECURE form at eMetrix.com
If you have problems with eMetrix or you prefer to use PayPal:
purchase with RegSoft.com

What exactly you get, and how you will get it

In a few minutes after you submit the order form, the registration code along with simple instructions will be e-mailed to you from ўўsupport@sw4me.com ==support@sw4me.comЇЇ. After entering the registration code, SMS Reception Center begins to process messages without the limitations that it had during its possibly-infinite trial period. No binding to your computer, mobile phone or any other copy-protection will prevent you from re-using the same code after re-installing the program on the new system, or after replacing the mobile phone.

If you decide to upgrade your program to some latter version release, no additional fees will be required within the same major version number (which is “1” for v. 1.16 as well as for v. 1.1.136). Re-entering the registration code is usually not required as well. If we decide to change the key-generating algorithm for some version that you must get for free, according to this paragraph, you will be provided with a form to enter your name with your old registration code and get a new valid registration code for free.

What are the commercial licence terms? Since 20-Jul-2005, we decided not to control anything that we can not control effectively. So the only licence that applies to all our shareware product is ўў/LSWL ==/LSWLЇЇ, that gives you unique freedom of using the program. ўў/LSWL ==Please read it and see for yourselfЇЇ.

Ordering options available

A lot of people prefer not to use their credit cards over the Internet. If you are one of them, you may prefer other ordering options provided by RegSoft. Some of them include offline payment with your credit card, and some others don't have a credit card involved at all.

You may also choose to pay directly to ўў/Sw4meProgrammersGroup ==sw4me.comЇЇ with wire transfer or some other method (there are a lot of methods that are available to Russian residents, especially inhabitants of Moscow). ўў/ManualPayments ==Read more on available methods of direct paymentЇЇ.

Security considerations

Remember that we don't get your credit card number or expiry date. We don't need this information, because it's accepted and handled by eMetrix. According to eMetrix terms of service, we can't place an order in your name, even if all necessary information is available. So please, don't e-mail your credit card information to us: it's not only insecure, but completely unuseful.

When you use RegSoft order forms, all data transferred over the Internet are encrypted using SSL protocol.

Support policy

If you discover that the program is incompatible with your phone or modem, we assign a high priority to such a request and try to solve this problem as soon as possible. Sometimes the program is updated to fix the newly-discovered incompatibility in a few minutes after reporting (attaching debug log is a big help).

Incompatibility reports are accepted from any user, registered or not. When there are many unresolved incompatibilities (it's rare, but possible), we handle the registered user's reports with a higher priority.

We are ready to consult registered users for free, sometimes even providing them with a ready-to-use .smr file prepared according to their needs. However, if your demands require a lot of work with third-party programs or databases, we will propose a special (separate) support contract to do it for you.

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