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Sw4me: SMSReceptionCenter/UsagePatterns ...


There are many fields where SMS Reception Center is successfully used. We list here only some patterns, both those that we planned from the beginning and those that we learned from our customers and considered interesting for other people as well.

Gateway: SMS to e-mail

A new feature of sending e-mail messages made it really easy to set up. Download this example and customize it if needed.

file:private_gateway_with_templates.smr gives another example: it uses the first keyword of each incoming SMS message to generate a mail message with specific subject, signature and recipients. Now you can send just “clg Please call me if there are any problems”, and this gateway will do the rest: as it knows that this message is for your colleagues, it will insert all needed headers, signature and greetings.

It will also send back a confirmation message so you will know that the gateway is up and running and your message will be delivered if it's possible.


Use Winamp music player (see http://www.winamp.com for details) to set up a juke-box that accepts song names in SMS messages.

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