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Sw4me: Winserv ...

This is an old revision of Winserv from 2004-11-06 17:08:54..

Winserv is an utility that can create an NT service that runs any application. When the application exits, the service becomes stopped.

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It can be used as a command-line utility to configure, control, view status of any NT service, whether it is winserv-based or not. Winserv can interact with a remote machine's service control manager. When you use winserv from a command prompt, just prepend \\Machine\ to the service name if you want to operate with remote service:

The service name that winserv requires is not the display name of the service, but rather the internal unique name.

Winserv is designed with scripting languages in mind, TCL in particular. It can forward SCM control requests to the application in different ways, enabling you to do any cleanup on stop and to implement “paused” service state.

Winserv contains a little TCL package that lets you use it as a drop-in replacement for tclsvc.

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