Sw4me: SMSReceptionCenter (Microsoft Word ready version)

SMS Reception Center is a program that reads incoming short messages from a cellular phone and, for each message, executes the actions that you specified. Unlike other popular desktop SMS utilities, its main purpose is to handle incoming messages and send outgoing ones without any human intervention. Usually it's set up at the computer with a dedicated cellular phone or a GSM modem plugged in. The program can run either as a Windows NT service or as a usual desktop application.

What is it for? What can it do? When does it help? What are its use-cases?

What is needed for the program

You'll need either a mobile phone or GSM modem or an open account at clickatell.com gateway. You may combine these things: receive messages with a phone or modem and send responses via clickatell.com. Please note that you need a two-way clickatell.com account if you want to receive incoming messages without a phone or modem.

The main thing that a modem or a phone will give you with SmsRc is internet connection independency.

For large volumes of SMS, I recommend GSM modems, as they generally work more reliably. But it's useful to be able to test your service with a usual mobile phone, not buying an expensive modem until you know exactly that you service needs it.

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