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Sw4me: SMSReceptionCenter/Debug ...

This is an old revision of SMSReceptionCenter/Debug from 2005-03-20 11:20:28..

This page exists because of one frequently made mistake, in the hope that you can avoid it.

Suppose that the program didn't work as expected. Either it didn't connect with the phone at all or it doesn't retrieve SMS message. Well, you've read the FAQ (haven't you?) and found nothing helpful there. You decided to write mailto:support@sw4me.com and complain about the problem.

In the UsersGuide you've read about saving a session debug log that may be helpful. So you are in doubt: should you send your log as an attachment with the first letter you write?

My answer is, definitely, you should send it. We are prepared to receive it, it's not a problem. If you send the debug log with the first letter, it will save you much time.

The things tend to become worse if you decide to read the log before sending it. Well, it's a plain text file, where you see some messages and nothing seems to clarify the situation. You decide to refuse from sending it, and you're wrong. If the debug log seems unuseful to you, it doesn't mean that we can't learn anything from it.

Well, we'll send you a patch for the program, or some recommendations how to get it working. Then you'll try the new solution and, alas, it doesn't help. The situation remains the same. Of course, we've asked you to send a new debug log after you try our solution; but all things look so similar to what they were before, so what new will we learn from this new log? So you think, and you are wrong. The fact that the problem looks the same doesn't mean that it is the same problem.

When you don't know whether you really should send a debug log file to us, please send it. And when we asked to send a debug log but you aren't going to do this, please send it too. And when you read the log and see nothing helpful or nothing new, please send it anyway.

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