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Let's say, you use an issue-tracking system in your business..

It's nice, convenient and well-learned by all your employees. Web interface, mail notifications and the back-end database work smoothly and ensure that no problem is ever missed or left behind. What if we need a couple of new features:

  1. Some important issues must be noticed by some important people as soon as they appear, even if the recipient is not at his workplace.
  2. As it's not always possible to access the system via Web when the issue is resolved (or when it should be commented), there must be a way to comment on the issue, alter its status or reassign it to somebody else, without the presence of Internet or Intranet connection. After all, connection problems are issues that have to be resolved, e.g. for system administrators.

In situations like the one described above, SMS Reception Center as a component is one of the easiest ways to add SMS support to an existing system. It's very easy to configure it to do one of the following things:

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